Performative abstract art
The Kathmandu Post
Prof. Abhi Subedi
JUN 08 – Laxman Shrestha, the well-known painter based in Bombay, opening the exhibition of a young Nepali painter Sagar Manandhar at the Siddhartha Art Gallery on June 5, made a few telling observations. What struck me was this, like different people who have their own perceptions on abstract art, young people too have their own visions. I found that expression worth pondering over as it had come from this great painter whose works have been recognised as great  pieces of art around the world………. read more


Utsav Painting by Sagar Manandhar

Utsav Painting by Sagar Manandhar

Intangible heritage
The Kathmandu Post

Nischal Oli
JUN 14 – Each year since 2004, Sagar Manandhar has consecutively graced the walls of various galleries in Nepal and at his alma mater Banaras Hindu University. His prolificacy has been further driven home through Utsav, a behemoth collection of paintings currently on display—the young artist’s 11th solo exhibition………..
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Paintings in Siddhartha Art Gallery

Paintings in Siddhartha Art Gallery

Colors of cryptic celebration: Understanding Utsav
Dikshya Karki
In a stepping arrangement of cascading triangles, squares and domes, somewhere the hint of a grinning monster peeks at you from a pool of rich colors. Sagar Manandhar’s 37 canvases on display at the Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babermahal titled, ‘Utsav’ oozes with fervor………
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Colour ful Celebration
The Himalayan Times
KATHMANDU: The colourful festivals of Kathmandu Valley have become the subject of many authors, poets as well as artists. And if you wish to see the interesting hues of these vibrant festivals through the canvas of an artist, then you must not miss ‘Utsav’. It is a painting exhibition by artist Sagar Manandhar that started on June 5 at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited………read more

Utsav: The launch
The Kathmandu Post
Sadia Khatri
JUN 14 – “I have tried to interpret glimpses of celebration through my art,” writes Sagar Manandhar about Ustav. All three floors of Siddhartha Art Gallery were packed with students, artists, embassy representatives and fans; the crowd, which had lined up outside the gallery over half an hour before the exhibition’s opening, was now pouring out into the verandah and the open cafes. This was the young artist’s first exhibit at SAG. with an added attraction: an inauguration by none other than renowned Nepali artist, Laxman Shrestha……… more


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