Work in Progress for Kathmandu International Art Festival

Now I am working for Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF)

The Beginning and the End of the life:

Earth : Body : Mind

The concept:

The expression will be from paintings using the thoughts from the title (Earth: Body: Mind) and along with the painting the natural elements will be supporting the paintings.

The painting will be in a compiled from. Three paintings will depict the approach of Earth, Body and Mind. The thoughts will be produced by the linear quality and the color concept.

1.      Earth:

Earth is the source which acts as a platform and contains the varied forms and thoughts. It is one of the important source of any living beings and  core of the creative journey.

Rough layout KIAF

Rough layout KIAF

2.      Body:

Body in the philosophical thoughts is the voyage and the physical activity of the creation. The communication and the visual interpretation is paved by the creative vibes of the journey that any personality contains. These all activity will be generated on one of the three painting.
3.      Mind:

Another important factor is our mind from which controls our body and the attitude towards the earth. Different psyches of the living forms have different attitude and mental status. As art cannot be defined, the mind fluctuates and its definition is different within different personality.

These three seems to be different, but they are interrelated to each other. That is what I feel and what I want to express.  Different approach of different elements  is very vast to capture but with the creative acknowledge I am just trying to depict the silent emotional attitude.

As the thematic concept of the title is conceived the whole universe and the belief of the Earth : Body : Mind  should be perceived.

As from my view the title indicates the beginning and the end of the voyage of the living and non-living forms. From the beginning of the life till the end of our life we are occupied by various culture aspects of the life which acts itself as the art and its supportive thoughts. From the birth of human forms the cultural concept starts which look like the art in itself and till the end of the life the human aspects glows towards various journey of the creative and cultural process.

So, why not utilizing those facts to be included at my painterly thoughts which can be supported by the natural elements. Since we are living at the contemporary habits we are naturally lacking our views and deep thoughts towards our natural formation which helps to build up any creative perception. The global concern towards the natural destruction is growing and as an artist I think that the work of with the natural elements will be a greater awareness about the importance of the natural balance.

The painting supportive with the elements…….

The concept will not only be approached by the paintings but will be developed within the peripheral atmosphere with the natural elements. The culmination of different rocks and red clay will be presented along with the sand as the supportive means. The traditional aspect along with the global warming will be the visual language of my creativity.

Depicting with the simple concept will be much more approachable for the entire viewer to know about the thematic sense and general awareness.


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