‘TATVA the expression with elements’

10th Solo painting Exhibiton At Nepal Art Council 27th January 2012 – 2nd February 2012

TATVA the expression with elements

Reflections of nature vividly conquer my works in this series where ‘TATVA’ is my main motif. Naturally, in the process of evolution, construction  of all living beings and non-living things is related with the elements. Assimilation of tatvas in this world prolifically defines the genesis of new creation with their own description and interpretation.

According to Indian Mythology ‘Panchatatva’ represents five elements from which life evolves. All the contents in this universe and universe itself is basically composed of Panchatatva or five basic elements comprising of Prithvi(earth), Apas(water),Tejas(light), Maruta(wind) and Aakaash (sky). According to Chinese astrology, our universe consists of five basic elements namely metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Besides universal interpretation of element, my creations and ideas executed in my paintings are another element or  ‘Tatva’ for me. Life is there which begins and ends with the passionate concept of the creative works. I have depicted the schematic theme of the importance of elements in my exposition this time. Here, the linear formation depicts various characters of the elements, colors modulate the pattern of elements and thoughts revolve around the theme ‘Tatva’.

I delve deep into the search of new elements in my works. For me, painting or enjoying with the artistic notion is an eternal part of my life and it is one of the basic elements of my existence. Like earth, my works are my platform, it has different ambiguous feel like air, the touch of warmth like fire, the infinite perception like the sky and the flexible consistency like water. In addition to these formations, the whole body of the creative journey begins with an unknown voyage of the expressive language of art which is another important element of my life.

Creative patterns have varied syntheses and different meanings along with the perception and views of various personalities. The language of my paintings may be abstract but can be observed and is within the reach of our own inner thoughts.

Sagar Manandhar


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