The extended quest to locate my individuality is the main impetus for my creation. When I work on my pictorial space I become an eternal part of it, as it reflects my own soul. For me, painting is the result of an inner visualization towards the outer world with full enthusiasm forcing me to be the part of it. It is the instant overflow of sensuous harmonies out on to the canvas as the representation of memories and experiences. The journey never ends but begins as the search progresses in each and every creation. Communication between me and my paintings provides more ideas to work on continuously. They transfer the power and ideas to analyze myself and my vision. I want my colors to speak their own language as they flow freely and rapidly generating a chromatic fusion of shades and tonalities. Each and every color for me has its own importance in my pictorial language. Painting for me is the arena to express the visual experience and inner search for numerous visual possibilities. The composition with the vibrant brush strokes flowing against the plane, the thinly layered transparencies of colors with the thick impasto creates the environment of different variations for a lyrical abstraction.

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