As an Artist

The extended quest to locate my individuality is the main impetus for my creation. When I work on my pictorial space I become an eternal part of it, as it reflects my own soul. For me, painting is the result of an inner visualization towards the outer world with full enthusiasm forcing me to be the part of it. It is the instant overflow of sensuous harmonies out on to the canvas as the representation of memories and experiences. The journey never ends but begins as the search progresses in each and every creation. Communication between me and my paintings provides more ideas to work on continuously. They transfer the power and ideas to analyze myself and my vision. I want my colours to speak their own language as they flow freely and rapidly generating a chromatic fusion of shades and tonalities. Each and every colour for me has its own importance in my pictorial language. Painting for me is the arena to express the visual experience and inner search for numerous visual possibilities. The composition with the vibrant brushstrokes flowing against the plane, the thinly layered transparencies of colours with the thick impasto creates the environment of different variations for a lyrical abstraction.


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The Intersection of Ten Thoughts: An Online Group Exhibition

The Intersection of Ten Thoughts is an online group exhibition where ten artists depicts their own stylistic approach. I was among the ten. I put forward by new series of work entitled Bhoye- The Feast.

Various Newari food in different occassion and its taste can be revealed with my experience in the recent works. I am very fond of eating and cooking the food. So I feel that the compositon while cooking and creating a paintings are very similar in nature. Both the process need practice and deep concerntration.

The online exhibition was initiated by Classic Gallery of Pulchow, Lalitpur.


Tangential Stress: An online exhibition

MONAMuseum of Nepali Art (MONA) presents Online art exhibition of 19 artists where I am one of the artists who worked in the situation of Lockdown due to worldwide Covid-19 virus.  Because of the lockdown, 360 degrees, a virtual platform was created for the viewer to perceived creativity.



I have worked on a title: Creativity Never Dies, Acrylic on Canvas, 93.5cm x 93.5cm, 2020

creativity never dies


As long as there is life, brain neurons will always spark and thus creativity will emerge. A human mind ignites creativity in boredom; this is a fact of human nature. While daily activities and movements are temporarily halted, the rest of the world is moving forward. The rivers are flowing, seasons are changing, animals are running wild and birds are crossing the hemispheres. Nature will take its course, whether you exist or not.

As we humans have been in temporary lockdown, the feeling of imprisonment has been felt and the fear of uncertainty has shaken us to the core, but the mind will not stop creating.

The world has been following its natural course of millions of years and it will continue to do so; it depends on people whether we want to make it better or worse.




Nepali Art in Lockdown 2020

Eklo Bhoj: Isolated Celebration

Beautiful festivals, colours and celebrations are the identity of Nepal; but the condition seems to support an isolation. The isolation for self-protection and staying safe. The imagination in celebration with no one besides only me is the portrayal of the work. Still celebrating the life and party in loneliness; staying safe at home is the only option to handle the situation.
Please stay safe and sound.
(Nepal Government has announced the fourteen days long lockdown to for a fight against Novel Corona Virus named Covid -19)

Yeti Project 2020: Junkiree, Eka Desh Ma

Changes are challenges to the humankind and obviously, it will create a new era in the life for the future.

But as I recall my past there are lots of changes in the city of Kathmandu Valley and certain changes that I think which is eradicating a natural habitat. Yes, of course, an urbanization is growing rapidly with the development of industries in the valley but I miss the Junkiree (Firefly). It used to fly around at evening with the flicking of lights which makes a certain imaginative ambience. They really gave me a  certain curiousness and magic realm when the culmination of lights were composed with clusters. The existence of  Junkiree with us is no more at my place which makes me feel to work with this theme on yeti.

The Junkiree (fireflies)  will be ‘once upon a time‘ to the future generation.


Line of Thought: Dialogue of Pedagogy and Personal Practices

Line of Thought: The exhibition of works by the faculty of Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Department of Art and Design.

Exhibited at Nepal Art Council from 12th Jan to 18th Jan, 2020

Saa: An Oil Mill

The works that I create starts with a theme, the theme then transfer into the sketches which makes me more focus to approach my working techniques. Then again the simplification of sketched forms and color approach adds new dialogue with the paintings that I created.

The basics of compositions, balance and harmony are always intact with my working ethics. The paintings I created are regularly followed by the search of dimensional approach where highlights, depths and mid-tone values are depicted. Color palette, I play on my canvases are regularly controlled within the harmony and balance. These elements are culminated to form my representative and non-representative works. I follow a habit of regular practice in creating art to enhance the technical skills and working approach. Confident and spontaneity, while creating a strokes of colors and arranging the tonalities, are based on the same practices. Challenging myself to work in a new theme and a new painterly language keeps me in focus to continue working in a new creation. Sincerity in the working habit and analyzing the work in the main ideology for my work path.

These series of work on display reflects the ambience of extraction of mustard oil (Tori ko Tel) in the mills. Mixture of subdued colors with the textures of layered colors are influenced by the patches of textural form in the oil mills. Being Manandhar, a caste given a special task to extract an oil makes me more curious to flourish the work about mustard oil mill.


Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition and Workshop 2019

I was one of the participants at the Shanghai Workshop and Exhibition 2019. It was the second time where I got a chance to work at Shanghai, China. The Workshop was allocated at Gukun Park, Shanghai where about artists from thirty countries participated. It was a nice experience to get an impulse from other contemporary artist and to get it touch with some old friends.

I played with a color with brush impasto to create harmony and visual balance. I wanted to carve the color and would like to be a framer in my created field.

The final works which were created at the workshop was exhibited at Dragon Modern Art Center, Shanghai.

Thailand – Nepal Art Exchange 2018

Cultural and culmination of artistic venture is very much in need to develop the observation and build up the thinking process of creative thoughts. Exchange of ideas and pictorial visual experiences are how every artistic personalities are searching for the new platform to enhance the work of art in this globalization.

Wattanachot Tungatega, Coordinator of the workshop received the artist at Bangkok and waited for the next flight to Krabi, the actual venue for the workshop. Andaman Art Museum, Andaman Cultural Center at Krabi organized this exchange program for about thirteen artists of Thailand and ten artists from Nepal and I was one of the Nepali Artist to be a part of the workshop. The city of beads and the sounds of waves was even more interesting to look at. The city seemed silent but each and every steps in the city appeared lively with the creative perfection. Sculptures of different national artist from Thailand is placed on the streets. Importance for the imaginative creative forms are highlighted which is a part of a respect to the artworks as well as an opportunity to define the city with the balance of economy and art. Kind hospitality given by the Mayor of Krabi to develop the art and cultural sector was amazing. He was very keen to make the city more lively not only with the natural resources but also with the artistic intervention.

I  enjoyed and carved a new source of energy from the workshop which ended on 5th August 2018. The exhibition of paintings created on workshop was inaugurated on 6th of August 2018.

Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition and Workshop 2017

Every artistic journey need new enthusiasm and exploration to boost up the creative possibilities. Creative ventures are influenced by the society and the dialogues with an introduction with new belief and ideas. Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition & Workshop 2017 was such a platform where different ideas and creative sense were merged.  Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition and Workshop is the event organized to build up the new friendship and sharing of various culture with artistic expression. The event started at 2013 initiated by Chinese Artist and Curator Li Yushi.  This is the third time that the exchange program was organized. The third Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Workshop for this year was held from 5-11 November 2017.  60 artists from 32 countries all over the world.

The search for a new visual experience is always in mind for every artist. China, a new platform for contemporary art and art market is where the journey began. The program was held at Taojianwan Leisure Farm Resort which was itself a very artistic place. The flowing water, bamboo tree, architecture and the fish in the pond was a good theme for all the participated artist.

Exhibition was publicly opened on 12th November 2017 at Hongqiao Contemporary and Modern Art Museum in Shanghai. The works produced at the workshop were beautifully displayed revealing its beauty. Another attraction at the exhibition was a depiction of small canvases joint together to form a huge work which was created by the artist working in the workshop. It seems like a collage of ideas and perception combined together on one single platform.


SAARC ART CAMP 2014 which was held in Bandarban, Bangladesh. It was my first experience in Bangladesh. I had the opportunity to interact with several artists from the South Asian Region and Local artists from Bangladesh. The rich culture and the emotions guided me to work on these two canvases.

Bandarban is the place which gives a feel of Kathmandu. The city close to the border of Myanmar surrounded by hills.  Always the natural vibes inspired me to move further to enhance my experimentation on the works.

9th April – 12th April, Bandarban, Bangladesh